Click to view Boston Harbor Landscaping, Olympia, WACarol and Klaus have owned their Boston Harbor property for over ten years.  Klaus had created a dedicated vegetable and display garden but the entry landscape looked the same as it did the day they moved in.

They wanted to remove overgrown trees and rhododendrons to create a more attractive landscape along the driveway and a more inviting entry.

Along the side of the house, they wanted some shrubs and a casual walkway.   I recommended a flagstone pathway with ferns, fragrant sarcococca and hellebores to give color and interest to the side of the house.

For the front of the property, I recommended an urn fountain the same color as their front door.  The old plants along the driveway were removed, a wider planting bed created, and colorful plants such as spirea, evergold carex,  and flax were planted.  Stone was added to the planting beds to add additional interest.

The clients now have a lovely landscape to enjoy that is all their own.  Outdoors by Design was the installation contractor.